Jupiter Personal Steam Shower 35" x 35" x 86" Black or White M-6023

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Jupiter Personal Steam Shower 35" x 35" x 86" Black M-6023

This One Person Steam and Shower Enclosure includes a Quick-Heating 3.5 kW Steam Generator with Auto Drain to insure you get fast steaming process and using fresh water every time you choose to use steam option. If you are a music lover, or you listen to your favorite podcast everywhere you go, then the Jupiter Steam Shower is for you! It is featuring a BLUETOOTH Audio System and Hands Free Incoming Phone Calls! Just simply connect your phone to the shower and you are ready to go! Additionally, Jupiter Steam Shower is equipped with the multi-colored LED lights which illuminate the aromatherapy-filled steam to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

Personal steam shower, size 35 x 35 x 86 H in

  •  3.5 kW Quick Heating Self-Draining Steam Generator w/Steam Aromatherapy Cup

  • Low Threshold 2.75″ H base included

  • 8 body massage jets

  • Hand-held Shower w/ Various water massage settings & adjustable height bracket

  • 8 in. wide water-drenching Rainfall Shower

  • UPC CERTIFIED Thermostatic / Anti-scald Faucet -LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

  • “Special Process” black Tempered Glass walls and front Clear Glass

  • Built-in control key pad

  • FM Radio

  • RCA Output

  • New! Bluetooth audio and hands free incoming phone calls

  • “Chromotherapy” LED multiple Color Lighting

  • Waterproof shower grid

  • 1 removable bench

  • Circulation Fan for moving steam throughout the shower

  • Accessory rack

  • Hinged door

  • Available in Black or White, Left or Right Controls


Technical Information

  • Materials: Tempered glass

  • Power Supply: 220V, 3KW

  • Steam Ready: 5 min

  • Size: 35" x 35" x 86"

Electrical Information

  • 220 volt, 20 amp GFCI breaker

  • 1 dedicated 12 - 2 line for steam (line 1, line 2, and ground)

  • There is a length of wire from the control box supplied to connect to power so urce.

Plumbing Requirements

  • The unit is equipped with hot and cold, metal braided water supply hose with ½ national pipe thread.

  • All water jet features are pre - plumbed with reinforced flexible supply hose.

  • Install hot and cold shutoffs with ½ - male nation al pipe thread (not included).

  • 3 ft. water supply hoses are supplied to connect from faucet/manifold (approx. 4 ft. high on rear of unit) to the shutoff val ves (approx. 1 ft. high on back wall). Note: base edge sets directly against back and side wall. Do not install any pipes along walls as to impede the base from setting flush against them.

  • Drainage: It is advised to have tub onsite before preparing drain location. The diameter of the drain hole should be larger or equal to Φ40mm (1.6 inches).

  • NOTE: a fl exible drain hose is provided with the unit. We recommend taking off this flex drain hose and hard pipe the unit into existing drain. This will not void the warranty. All fixtures and fittings should be checked for tightness and leaks as they may have lo osened during transport. Access panel near control and jets is recommended. (If the substitute drain system is used, a 3/8 in stub must be added to the main shower drain line to connect the steam generator’s automatic flushing drainage hose.


  Technical Data:


 Tempered glass

Power supply

  220V, 3KW

Steam Ready

  5 minutes


  35 x 35 x 86 in


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