chromatherapy Lighting System

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A chromatherapy lighting system to set the mood during any bathing/sauna experience with calming and rejuvenative therapeutic LED lighting to stimulate the body and mind. Fully accessible and adjustable from the control panel these lights add just another layer to the perfect sauna experience you’ve always dreamed about.

Chromotherapy is based on the premise that certain colors are infused with healing energies. The therapy uses the seven colors of the rainbow to promote balance and healing in the mind and body. The SteamSpa Chroma therapy LED Light will create a soothing, therapeutic environment in bath and shower rooms of various sizes and styles. According to multiple studies, LED therapies help with to cure and prevent common health conditions such as osteoarthritis, ulcers, never damages, as well as facilitate the healing of wounds and burns. Offers three color modes 20 ft Cable
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