Care & Cleaning of Acrylic Units

Acrylic product is manufactured with a premium thermoformed surface that is far thicker than other product surfaces. The acrylic surface is virtually non-porous which ensures luster retention for decades. The surface of the unit is made of extremely durable and glossy acrylic; however the surface is vulnerable to the harsh conditions of a construction site. Please use caution with tools, boots and handling of the unit. It is recommended to save the cardboard from the packaging and place it on the floor to stand on while working and installing the unit.

Cleaning either daily or weekly:

1) Warm soapy water; Liquid dish washing cleaners are the safest to use

2) A vinegar and water solution

3) Non-Abrasive cleaners may be used if diluted (Do not use Soft Scrub; it contains a mild abrasive that could harm the finish).

4) For areas that require a stronger solution, Mineral Spirits may be applied but required to follow immediately with warm soapy water and rinse. Mineral Spirits are not allowed to stay on the product for a period of time to exceed 2 minutes. (Remember, warm soapy water must be used immediately afterwards).

5) Please follow all cleaning recommendations to insure a lasting glossy finish for Acrylic products.

Care and Cleaning of Gel-Coat and CenturyStone Solid Surface Units

Gel-Coat and Solid Surface surfaces exhibit a glossy finish. These products should be protected through the installation process by applying part of the cardboard packaging to the bottom area. Please use caution with tools, boots, and handling of the unit. Please follow the suggested cleaning procedures below:

1) Abrasive cleaners (this would include Soft Scrub) should never be used on gel-coat/solid surface products; scratches and a dull finish can be the result to the surface.

2) Warm Soapy Water-Dishwashing liquids are the safest products to use.

3) For more difficult cleaning such as; plaster, sheet rock mud, etc... apply warm soapy watern until the foreign material dissolves or becomes loose. Rinse immediately.

4) Periodic polishing or waxing with an automotive wax will help to preserve the finish and deter
any soap and body oil build up. This should be done every three months. Do not wax the floor area of the unit.

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