Aquarius RN 6040 | 58.75W x 39D x 21H | Five foot oval drop-in acrylic Air tub

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RN 6040 AIR

Aquarius RN 6040 | 58.75W x 39D x 21H | Five foot oval drop-in acrylic Air tub 

The Contractor Advantage Series offers contractors the option to CHOOSE without compromise.

The Acrylic tubs in the Contractor Advantage (CA) Series are constructed of thermal formed cast acrylic that is long lasting, durable, non-porous and easy to clean.

All of the CA Series tub bottoms are reinforced for no-flex strength and all units are mounted on pre-leveled feet for easy, no-mudset installation. An acrylic tile flange is available on select CA units to aid in alcove installations.

All CA units feature Grip Sure? textured bottoms. Whirlpool models feature our exclusive safety suction return fitting. Each unit is factory pre-tested and certified.

CA whirlpool units are standard with a high performance / high output 1.25 HP pump with run dry feature; requires a 120V, 15amp GFCI protected dedicated circuit. The CA pump is energy efficient, anti-corrosive, self draining, and is double insulated - thus allowing for safe and quiet operation. The run dry feature prevents pump damage if activated without sufficient water.

CA whirlpool and air jet units are fitted with Premium Power-Flow and Ease-Flow Adjustable jets. The Premium Power-Flow Adjustable Jet is a fully adjustable flow rate and directional jet that gives users the opportunity to make each bathing experience truly their own. Our Ease-Flow Adjustable Jet features a reduced flow-rate that delivers pinpointed directional flow to lumbar and lower extremity zones.

The CA in-line heater has been specifically designed to enhance the enjoyment of your whirlpool bath. The in-line heater constantly maintains the warm relaxing temperature of the whirlpool bath for as long as you desire.

All acrylic Contractor Advantage tubs are available as soaker tubs, whirlpools or air tubs.

  • Durable, easy to clean thermal formed cast acrylic.
  • Tub bottoms are reinforced for no-flex strength.
  • Mounted on pre-leveled feet for easy no-mudset installation.
  • Grip Sure™ textured bottom.
  • Exclusive safety suction return fitting.
  • High performance / high output 1.25 HP pump with run dry feature requires a 120V, 15amp GFCI protected dedicated circuit.
  • Premium Power-Flow Adjustable Jets -Adjustable flow rate and directional jets.
  • Ease-Flow Adjustable Jets - Feature a reduced flow rate that delivers pinpoint directional flow to lumbar and lower extremity zones.

Dimensions: 58.75” x 39” x 21”   (Due to the nature of the materials, dimensions may vary +/- 1/2”)

Cut Out: 1” to inside dimension around rim

Weight: 194 lbs

Capacity: 39 gallons

Hydro-Massage System: 4 Premium Power-Flow Adjustable Jets & 1 Lumbar Ease-Flow Adjustable Jets

Surface: High gloss premium cast acrylic 

Special Notes: This unit complies with ANSI 124.1 and shall meet the requirements for Uniform Plumbing Code administered by NAHB and CSA.


Insatllation Instructions

Product page

Care and Cleaning of Premium Acrylic Units

Premium Acrylic product is manufactured with a premium thermoformed surface that is far thicker than other product surfaces. The Premium Acrylic surface is virtually non-porous which ensures luster retention for decades. The surface of the unit is made of extremely durable and glossy Premium Acrylic; however the surface is vulnerable to the harsh conditions of a construction site. Please use caution with tools, boots, and handling of the unit. It is recommended to save the cardboard from the packaging and place it on the floor to stand on while working and installing the unit.

Cleaning either daily or weekly:

Warm soapy water; Liquid dishwashing cleaners are the safest to use A vinegar and water solution

Non-Abrasive cleaners may be used if diluted (Do not use Soft Scrub; it contains a mild abrasive that could harm the finish).

For areas that require a stronger solution, Mineral Spirits may be applied but required to follow immediately with warm soapy water and rinse. Mineral Spirits are not allowed to stay on the product for a period of time to exceed 2 minutes. (Remember, warm soapy water must be used immediately afterwards).

For inquiries please contact Praxis Companies at 800-443-7269.

Please follow all cleaning recommendations to insure a lasting glossy finish for Premium Acrylic products.

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